Bachelor's and Master's degree programme in space& design strategies

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raum&designstrategien is a transdisciplinary field of study that is unusual in this form. It is positioned between fine arts, social design and architecture and mediates between the disciplines. The focus is on exploring artistic strategies for public and institutional spaces. The practice-related study is based on projects for concrete urban or suburban spaces. Underused urban and landscape spaces are reprogrammed, played with and interpreted, and are given new possibilities of use through temporary or longer-term interventions. raum&designstrategien takes a look at global and local questions concerning space in all its dimensions, from a theoretical, artistic and experimental-research perspective. Artistic strategies can act as a critical moment in planning processes, are used to activate empty urban spaces or to shape social, political or ecological negotiation processes.

The department is based on the collaboration between two professors from different fields, assistants, external artists and students. Students work in an experimental environment consisting of studios, a (kitchen) laboratory, workshops and spacious presentation and intervention rooms in and around the University of Art. At the center of the program is the annually changing central artistic subject. Integrated into the annual project are workshops with artists:inside from the fields of conceptual art, performance, critical design, theory, urbanism, dance and storytelling. Individual projects are developed in an intensive exchange among students and teachers and are complemented by collective projects (exhibitions, festivals, district projects). At the Linz University of the Arts, the department mediates between the artistic, applied and theoretical fields of study. Transdisciplinary work and the exchange with other fields of study are the

tions are supported in their studies.

Graduates of raum&designstrategien work in those areas where transdisciplinary work, strategic thinking and a critical-innovative approach to space are in demand, i.e. in interdisciplinary planning teams for urban and rural spaces, in art education, at the interface between theater, film and (sub-)urban spaces, for festivals or as individual artists.

Students gain a basic knowledge of urban and suburban spaces, learn artistic means of interpretation and intervention, and test possibilities of mediation between actors and users in the space. For this purpose, basic tools are taught, from theoretical, drawing, graphic and handicraft means to cinematic and performative methods to the planning and construction of spaces on a scale of 1:1.

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In the Bachelor's programme, basic theories and practices of artistic strategies are tested. In workshops, students learn analogue and digital drawing techniques as well as conceptual and performative strategies. In their own workshops, students learn how to work with metal, wood, plaster and other materials. Every year, a major theme is dealt with in the context of current issues. Students work research-based in the studios and conduct fieldwork in locations linked to the theme. At the end of each academic year, students realise projects collectively and across semesters in a public or institutional space.

The internationally oriented master's programme raum&designstrategien is aimed at international students from different backgrounds such as fine and applied arts, architecture and spatial planning, scenography, philosophy, cultural studies and similar fields of study. The Master's programme enables students to develop personal approaches to the conception, execution and realisation of projects in public and institutional spaces. Projects in the Master's programme are often linked to cultural institutions, urban development offices or initiatives and thus prepare students for cooperative practice in transdisciplinary teams. The Master's programme raum&designstrategien is organised in platforms. Platforms help students to find their personal focus, be it in the field of Space&Postdigital Narratives, Performative Space, Queer&Feminist Space, Space&Politics or in the field of Space&Ecology. The topic and form of the Master's thesis can be chosen freely. Master's theses are periodically supervised and presented in small groups, should in any case include a written part and otherwise correspond to the open character of the programme. The language of instruction in the Master's programme is English and German.

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