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Seminar insights

Walking science and the art of action

Introduction to artistic-scientific research in the city.

During the summer semester, Amalia Barboza held a walking seminar. The aim is to investigate the extent to which locomotion can be used as a productive research strategy in the sciences and the arts to explore urban space.

A wide variety of cultural studies, sociological and artistic approaches were discussed and put into practice, such as Georg Simmel, Situationists, Promenadology, Michel de Certeau, Francis Alÿs, Sophie Calle...

Teamteaching: Together with Ilaria Hoppe from the Catholic University of Linz, we conducted a research seminar on the art of acting (Micheal de Certeau) in the Franck Quarter.

Actionteaching: Paul Rajakovics from Transparadiso Architecture, who are designing the Wimhhölzel Hinterland project in Franckviertel, guided us through the district.

Photos: Amalia Barboza, Ilaria Hoppe and Dana Patsch

Statements from students

"I am really grateful to myself for having decided to start a new course of study at the age of 30. If someone had thrown all my interests into a pot - no, better: a magic cauldron - and stirred it properly, the result would be this degree programme. The hierarchies between students and teachers are variable and transparent. We are not only taught knowledge, but also self-confidence as academics and/or artists. And this conglomerate of impressions, teaching content and the most diverse disciplines is perfect for me. It makes me smarter and happier, and those are my two favorite things ever." (Lisa-Viktoria)

"The Cultural Studies programme at the University of Arts Linz offers me, on the one hand, a deepening in theory in areas such as cultural studies, philosophy, art history or media theory and, on the other hand, the opportunity to try my hand in different art directions and expand my portfolio. Through the collaboration of the different local universities, I can acquire knowledge in a broad field, according to my interests. A unique combination!" (Marianne)

"The Bachelor of Cultural Studies allows me to combine my wide-ranging interests and to further my education in different areas. Be it art history, media theory or cultural studies. My personal focus is on the artistic-scientific exchange. On the one hand, Kuwi offers me the opportunity to practise theoretical discourse, and on the other hand, I can participate in art projects and realise my own practical work. Ideally, this can be super combined. In addition, the location of Kunstuni Linz offers a creative network that is ideal for intellectual and artistic development. In general, the study path is individual and leaves room to deepen one's interests." (Marlies)

"The change to the study of cultural studies has already enriched me very much so far. In this study, the approach to science as well as art is taught in an enjoyable and instructive way. Through the different disciplines one encounters, one's view of the world is broadened and reflection as well as different perspectives are made possible. Furthermore, I enjoy the respectful interaction and communication between teachers and students. Already the first semester showed me that I can confidently look forward to the further course of studies and be part of it with joy." (Laura)

"What I like most about the BA Cultural Studies is that you can specialise and choose from a pool of courses. This makes it easier to pursue your own interests compared to other degree programmes where more courses are compulsory. Since you attend courses at several universities during your studies, you get an insight into the respective university cultures and your own everyday study life gains diversity." (Samira)

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The Bachelor's program offers a unique framework for studying cultural studies in an interdisciplinary and artistic-scientific way. The program is offered by the Kunstuniversität Linz in cooperation with the JKU Linz, the Katholische Privat-Universität Linz and the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität. The merger of the universities opens up scientific subjects and complements them with artistic-scientific approaches. The program includes 5 core subjects (cultural studies, art history, media studies, history, philosophy) and 4 supplementary subjects (gender studies, global studies, artistic-scientific research, politics/religion/society).

The course lays the foundation for a creative career in the cultural
in the cultural sector or for further specialized studies. The
inter-university character of the program offers students the opportunity to move in different university cultures. Two paths of study are available: either with a focus on a core subject for subsequent master's studies in that subject, or without a focus, in order to acquire an overview of approaches in cultural studies and artistic research. The program ends with the bachelor's thesis, which is assigned to one of the core or supplementary subjects.

Locations of the University of Arts Linz

Locations of the University of Arts Linz

Location of the Bachelor's degree programme in Cultural Studies

Domgasse 1 | Ground Floor | Rooms DO.EG.16 and DO.EG.20 | 4020 Linz